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    NewsMAN is a special Email service developed for the publishers and online magazines operating in Romania. Having 10 years of experience in the internet business, Dazoot can now answer their specific marketing objectives aiming to attract new customers and to keep their existing ones. NewsMan, our newly launched email service, is an intelligent software, fast and easy to use, that allows publishers to send personalized newsletter to their target audience thus helping them to increase both the traffic and the profits to their website.

    NewsMAN is already successfully used in large-scale by many leading news companies from the Romanian online environment.    NewsMan
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    We aim to optimize and automate to the max any web process or workflow, by combining web technologies with the development of ergonomic interfaces which simplify the work of the human factor. For our customers we develop web applications and interfaces which simplify the capture of data, their treatment and the communication between different structures of the same company.

    What we provide for our customers:
    • » * interfaces for the treatment of data from personal documents.
    • » interfaces for the treatment of invoices. Invoices
    • » interfaces for the treatment of text from different types of files.
    • » web applications for publishing companies and web publishing.
    • » back office type applications for the administration of advertisement agencies print layouts.
    Dazoot is dedicated to promote your business on the Internet, in a secure online environment. Whether you are looking for creating a new website designed to manage and promote your business more efficiently, a new innovative corporate image to promote success and increase profits, or you decide to start a successful online business (web portal, online shop, web services), or you simply need the latest software applications for your website to change your current workflow and provide you with an increase in your organization’s productivity and efficiency we are here to offer the optimal solution to meet your needs.

    What we provide for our customers:
    • » Corporate & Presentational websites
    • » Online Magazines
    • » Dynamic Database Driven Website Portals
    • » Catalogue Presentations
    • » Web applications
    Dazoot offers a wide range of professional web hosting plans that can be customised based on the specific needs of either your company, to help you promote your business in many complex ways, or your personal needs, to help you keep your personal website up and running on the Internet for years.

    • » Professional website hosting on high speed servers in Romania, quality guaranteed
    • » We promptly and professionally solve any web hosting problems or questions you may have.
    Search Engine Optimization is an Internet marketing strategy that aims to improve the traffic to a website and influence website position in major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN). A professional website promotion and optimization can be a powerful web tool to help you turn your website visitors into reliable clients.

    • » More than 80% of search engine users click on results shown within the first pages offered by Google or any other search engine
    • » An optimized website always attracts the right target audience
    • » Target visitors are usually Internet users who happen to visit your web page mainly because they are looking for a product or a service that your website has to offer for the general public.