Portfolio Portals
  • Cabanova.com
    Zend, Architecture
    We joined teams with Cabanova Sitebuilder guys in order so speedup the process of Cabanova relaunch. Our job was to architect and implement the whole user registration / management and billing system. The sitebuilder application is completly remote and communication is done via internal API (XML / RPC, REST). Working remote from 3 different cities, in a very short period of time, this was a huge task for us. Nevertheless, quality and security were top on the todo list.
    OSAQ, Django, Python, Layout
    Macburnout is a place for Mac Fans to find answers about Apple related products (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, etc.). Questions and Answers built on top of OSQA platform.
    coolinaria.ro - Online recipes, cooking tips, restaurant
    Design & Symfony
    Coolinaria.ro is your online cooking portal for cool recipes, and it aims to give its visitors a complete culinary experience. Coolinaria.ro information is always up-to-date offering latest deliciously diverse recipes, holiday cooking recipes, and a complete traditional cooking style of countries all over the world.
  • egirl.ro - Lifestyle online Women magazine : Fashion, beauty, travel, entertainment, health, love, horoscope, tarot, fashionable news
    Xhtml/CSS & PHP
    egirl.ro - Online women lifestyle magazine: Fashion, Beauty, Tourism, Entertainment, Health, Romance, Horoscope, Tarot, Celebrity News. Recently, egirl.ro has launched its mobile edition, thus becoming the first women-targeted website in Romania to offer its visitors the possibility to access the website's content at anytime, from any location.
    SAMF.ro - Academy of Family Physicians
    This is a presentation website of The Romanian Academic Society of Family Medicine (SAMF). The Academic Society of Family Medicine has been founded under the aegis of The Academy of Medical Sciences of Romania, and it promotes and supports the development of family medicine as a distinct specialty in our country, both professionally and scientifically.
    Design & PHP
    Bring to you the latest news, Newspad.ro wants to be the most updated headlines from Romania. The news are divided according to subject matter in categories like Entertainment, News, Sports, Foreign Affairs, etc.. In addition: daily horoscope and currency and currency converter.

  • Portfolio Applications and Web Interfaces

  • Newsman app
    PHP & MySql
    Newsman is specially conceived for the Romanian publishers and online shops. With over 10 years experience in the online field, Dazoot meets their marketing needs, aiming to secure the fidelity and to attract new customers. Newsman the recently launched service allows the fast and easy sending of custom newsletters, in order to sensibly increase the traffic and subsequently the income of sites. Newsman is already largely used by big names in the Romanian online.
    Interface processing invoices
    PHP & Flash & MySql
    Application which automates the entire workflow of the treatment of invoices, from the scan to the preparation of the report and their insertion into the book keeping.
    Interface treatment data PDF to XML<
    Symfony & Python
    Interface allowing the automation of a process of capturing data from PDF files which will result in a XML. The files arrive by mail from the customer, are loaded automatically onto the interface and for the treatment of the text there are users of the initiator and verifier types. The interface offers complete statistics.
  • Interface import data JPG to XML
    PHP & Flash & AS3
    Interface allowing the automation of a process of extracting data from JPG files, their treatment and insertion into a XML, validated by a DTD, which is exported.
    PHP & Flash
    Cabanova.ro can provide you with advanced functionality and interactive software required to create in only a few minutes sophisticated online applications, including a fully equipped Flash website, with no required programming or technical knowledge.
    Interface for the treatment of data TIFF to XML
    PHP & SQLAlchemy & MySQL
    Interface allowing the easy and semi automated extraction of data from TIFF files with the help of human operators and their insertion into XML exported files. The insertion of data is simplified by the existence of a pre-fill system of the cases. It has a double data capture system and automatic display of errors.
  • abro-ad.ro
    PHP & MySql
    Back end application simplifying the administration of advertisement layouts and the communication between advertisement agency, advertisers and the various publications in the portfolio.

  • Portfolio Online Stores

  • Decorix - big ideas at small prices
    Design & Magento
    Great ideas, small prices. Online decorations, house and garden products shop.
    Design & Magento
    The best do-it-yourself, construction and interior decoration products, offered by Romanian brands and the main importers in Romania. Everything under the same roof only a click away. We use the latest technology so that your online experience can be satisfying and you can do the shopping in complete safety.

    Auto TechBooks
    Design & Opencart
    Online e-commerce shop and new identity for Manualeauto.ro (Auto TechBooks).
  • Fishing and Adventure - Fisela.ro - Shop online for fishing
    Xhtml/CSS & PHP
    Fishing and Adventure - Fisela.ro - Online Fishing Store and Fishing Resource Center. Fisela.ro offers a full range of fishing products, focusing mainly on the retail selling area.
    AMSTA Publishing
    Design & PHP
    AMSTA Publishing House is a successful project of ten years of experience and results invested in the field of publishing and editorial services. They publish diverse works and materials targeting multiple domains of interest, with a special focus on motivational writing area.

  • Portfolio Sites web & backoffice applications

  • Newsmanapp.com
    PHP & MySQL
    Newsman, the popular email marketing service, has now a presentation site. So far we were busy building the scalable system, thus the site was a simple place holder. Not anymore. Newsman site has a modern look where you can find all the details about the service and star sending your first campaign in no time.
    Design & Wordpress
    The last trends in architecture and interior design. Pieces of advice on garden or house maintenance.
    Design & Wordpress
    Do-it-yourself blog. We aim to having informed customers who make their choices with full knowledge of the products they want. We are trying to offer you something extra. The opinion of the masses matters. Wouldn't it be better to be able to test a product before buying it? On this blog we will always be in contact with you. We bring you the latest products in this field, test them, present them to you and expect you to comment them together.
  • brico-interactive
    Design & Drupal
    We are 100% dedicated to selling do-it-yourself, construction and connate fields products. In the era of WEB2.0, the online shopping becomes a mass phenomenon that can no longer be ignored. You can look for, compare, inform yourself and buy without having to leave the comfort of your home or office. Thus, BricoInteractive launches BricoMall.ro and BricoUtil.ro to meet the wishes of its customers.

    Design & Drupal
    Each of the services that we provide is based on cutting-edge technology and advertising strategies meant to achieve maximum impact on the market together with unique design solutions reflecting your own corporate vision.
    Vila cascada
    Design & Drupal
    Villa "Cascada" is located in the heart of the main residential area of "Poiana Tapului" district, and it is one of the most scenic places worth visiting in all of the Busteni Mountain Resort's neighbourhood. The villa is situated at the base of Caraiman Peak, guarded by the famous Heroes Cross, and offers a spectacular view of the surroundings.
  • KeplerSI
    Design & Flash
    Kepler Systemes d'Informations is a Romanian company working for clients outside the country and specializing in a wide range of information management from the data acquisition to the dissemination media (paper, on-line, CD-ROM). Keplersi.eu also provides you with an interactive catalogue presentation designed with latest flash based technology.
    Recreatii stiintifice
    Design & Flash
    The entire "Recreatii Stiintifice" Magazine Collection, in its unaltered, original form is now fully restored and published on the world wide web with the exclusive help of "Recreatii Matematice" Association for culture. Romanian public is offered free access to each of the copies of the magazine due to a friendly presentation marking the 125th anniversary of its first issue.
    Davi Comfire
    Design & MODX
    DAVI COMFIRE provides stand alone fire prevention and protection services for civil buildings and facilities, and it also provides a few other services connected with fire prevention and fire extinction.
  • DAVI Serv Group
    Design & MODX
    Davi Serv Group provides high quality and reliable Security Services to private, commercial, and special clients for both intellectual property rights and physical property.
    Design & MODX
    DAVI SECURITY S.R.L. Company, through the security services provided for objectives, goods and values, as well as for personal security, proposes effective solutions in order to keep safe your life, your personal wealth, your family and your business.
    Presentation site and back office application for the EuroMall shopping centre situated in the city of Pitesti
  • EuroMallGalati.ro
    Presentation site and back office application for the EuroMall shopping centre situated in the city of Galati.

  • Portfolio Soon