About Us
We are a team of young IT professionals that is trained to develop and manage any customer project from scratch. Each of the services that we provide is based on cutting-edge technology and advertising strategies meant to achieve maximum impact on the market together with unique design solutions reflecting your own corporate vision.

Dazoot is a leading Romanian web development and IT business company with over 5 years of strong experience. Our team is fully experienced in latest forms of outsourcing projects available for bour Romanian and foreign business partners. We are equally preoccupied to develop our own web projects, now profesionally enhanced with a vast experience in the online environment. We can offer to our customers complex Web interfaces for data processing and e-commerce, competitive presentation websites together with our full support and professional guidance for Website promotion and website hosting for all of our business partners.

Newsman is only one of our newly launched services, targeting the publishers and online magazines operating in Romania. It allows publishers to send personalized newsletter to their target audience thus helping them to increase both the traffic and the profits to their websites. Newsman is already successfully used in large-scale by many leading companies from the Romanian online environment.

Our mission:
Total commitment to the success of your online business.